Field Force Tracker Improves its award winning field service software

Field Force Tracker, a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), today announced the release of new features in its mobile field service management solution. The enhancements help businesses to operate more efficiently and maximize their resources.

Service contracts are main revenue generator for many small businesses. Field Force Tracker is known for its advanced capabilities in this area and is considered one of the best software for it. This latest release further dramatically improves the service contract management capabilities. It can add unlimited products to service contracts and products can have asset tags, bar code or all other data added to it. This allows companies offering warranty or maintenance services to better manage their service contracts. The service contracts can be searched by products, customer id or many other criteria.

Field Force Tracker™ is a mobile enabled, comprehensive field service management system designed to take care of all your business needs to run the complex service operation. It can take care of work order tracking, client history, employee management, parts and asset management, estimates, contract management, invoicing, Quick Books Syncing and more.
Business owners expect easy to use tools and software to save time and money. Field Force Tracker includes powerful scheduling and calendar capabilities. As service businesses grow, it becomes increasingly important for them to be able to manage their work force more effectively. Field Force Tracker includes timesheets, automatic GPS tracking and navigation for employees.

“Our aim is to help our customers achieve greater levels of productivity, service and efficiency,” said Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Chief Strategy and Operating Officer of Rapidsoft Systems Inc, the developer of Field Force Tracker. “With the new changes in contract management, scheduling, calendar and timesheet, GPS tracking features, we think Field Force Tracker is simply the best software in the market.”
Field Force Tracker provides unlimited ongoing support to its customers. There is no charge to request any support or help at any time. Its award-winning customer service provides education and best practices for helping businesses achieve more with their software.

About Field Force Tracker
Field Force Tracker ( is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps improving the productivity of their mobile workforces.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

The Parent company of Field Force Tracker, Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. has its main office in Princeton, NJ, USA, a US R&D Center in Mercerville NJ, and sales, support and development offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Bombay, and Noida (India).

Using Mobile Apps for Field Service Management

Mobile Apps Are Necessary to the Success of Modern Field Service Business

Mobility is becoming very important for the field service business. Field service business can be much-transformed using mobile phone. Field Service Mobile applications like Field Force Tracker have changed the entire industry by providing powerful features.

Field service applications like Field Force Tracker have disrupted many industries by creating new opportunities to interact with customers, and it is important for service brands to realize and capitalize on the engagement opportunities that exist.

Customers expect businesses to adapt to changing always-connected environment. These are customers that sit in cafés and eateries and want to be able to schedule their IPTV installation, their annual furnace checkup and order a new jacket or sweater that caught their eye when out with friends last night, all at the same time and all from their tablet or smart phone.


To fulfill these expectations, Field Service businesses have to change the way they are communicating with these customers. The benefit to the customer will be a more personalized approach that will make their lives easier, resulting in increased interaction for the brand. By using simple methods, thinking as a customer and considering mobile as a context and not as a channel, service businesses can create a strong and efficient bond with their users, and improve customer relationships through mobility.

Desired Feature of A Good Field Service Solution

Good features of Field Service solutions are:

About Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker is a cloud based, very comprehensive field service management software for all business types. It can take care of work-orders, customer management, scheduling, customer history, product history, invoicing, payments, inventory management, Timesheet, tracking, parts and assets electronic estimates, and service contracts etc. It is a very feature rich system with many unique and advanced features for a business like yours. Field Force Tracker has a full very powerful feature to manage your employees. Our solution has GPS integrated that will allow you to monitor technicians when they are in the field. Each technician’s status will be updated automatically and the technician can update it manually too. This will allow you to see them live on your map. We can also integrate QuickBooks with the Field Force Tracker software. The solution is supported with mobile apps that work on iPhone, Android and on all tablets.

Field Force Tracker Software Becomes Even Better

It’s impossible to account for everything when scheduling service calls and your technicians manually; makes it easy. Eliminate return visits and no-shows by improving service information management: cut costs and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Field service automation enables optimization of every facet of service delivery. Join us now and be prepared for Field Service in the age of extreme mobility.

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Customer Self Service
  • Service Contract Management
  • Repair Knowledge Management
  • Field Parts & Inventory Management
  • Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Field Service Mobile App
  • Location Services & Routing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Team Collaboration


Field Force Tracker Launches New Service Management Features

The new version of Field Force Tracker software, has a great new look that is responsive on any device, is easier than ever to use, and comes with lots of service and project related features.

New User Interface – New elegant tile design, touch sensitive, user personalization with favorites and bookmarks, and a great search feature.

Responsive Web Design – The software automatically organizes itself to fit the screen on all of your devices – from smartphones to laptops.
Panels and Pinning – Now you can see everything going on with a customer without going to multiple pages within the application.
Other Powerful New Features – Resource Planner with flexible Gantt charts, new customization tools, a suite of Reports, and much more.


There is also a new Downloadable Mobile App for iOS and Android – This add-on feature can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Power your field resources with these mobile tools that gets the job done faster.

We look forward to you joining the next generation of Field Service customers.

Use Field Force Tracker – Field Service Software To Provide your field technicians with Powerful Mobile Solutions

Field Service landscape is changing very rapidly. The customers demand quick service to their problems. Field Force Tracker software can solve the problems of organizing service at minimum cost. It is powerful solution designed to meet your customer service needs.

The best service is service that brings you closer to the customer. But providing fast, responsive service isn’t easy, especially when the industry is technical, components are complex, and the task is critical—such as keeping power on, medical equipment working,
pumps and forklifts running, and buildings safe and
secure. Timing is everything. That’s why your field
service technicians need to be able to access critical
company Field Force Tracker wherever they are—whether
they’re online or off. You need to provide your
technicians with mobile solutions that can help them
find the answers they need, so they can make all the
correct decisions when they’re in the field.

Partner with software experts in Field Service

As a service-centric organization, you need an
experienced, reliable technology partner that
understands your unique business and can support
your specific needs. Field Force Tracker® brings you exactly that.

For over 15 years, Field Force Tracker has provided organizations—from global manufacturers to family-owned companies—with enterprise solutions that meet these specific industry challenges you face.

Complete work orders on the go using iPhone or Android Mobile App

field_force-trackerYou’ll also have GPS polling tools so you can visualize
your technicians when they’re out in the field. Our GPS
tools can also give you insight into the last known
coordinates of your equipment assets. For your service
manager or supervisor, having access to this real-time
GPS data helps the service department as a whole to
operate more efficiently by ensuring that the closest
technician with the proper inventory is dispatched. In
addition, you’ll gain valuable insights into whether you
have capital tied up in inventory that you aren’t using,
as well as if you’re overstaffed or wasting fuel on
unnecessary truck dispatches.

Field Force Tracker Service Management for Field Service

Field Force Tracker Service Management for Field Service makes it easy to keep your customers happy by giving your field
technicians the Field Force Tracker and resources to get the job done.

All of the Field Force Tracker—work orders, account and service
contract status, parts availability, inventory updates, parts
availability, and pricing/sales capabilities—can be
accessed offline, so your technicians can make decisions
in the field and provide the best customer service
possible. Then, the next time they’re online, Field Force Tracker Service Management for Field Service syncs up Field Force Tracker
collected offline with your back office systems, while also
obtaining any new or updated Field Force Tracker from future
work. Best of all, Field Force Tracker Service Management for FieldService makes it easy to keep your customers happy by
giving your field technicians all of the Field Force Tracker and
resources they need to get the job done.

Succeed in the long term

You’ll be positioned to manage your business more
efficiently and effectively with Field Force Tracker Service Management
for Field Service. This comprehensive, integrated solution
gives you ultimate efficiency, speed, and company-wide
access to critical Field Force Tracker—whether your
representatives are online or offline, while improving
service overall. As a result, you’ll do business better and
provide better customer service to improve loyalty.
business demands. To learn more about Field Force Tracker, please visit

Effective Customer Management for Field Service Management

Every business relies on customers. Hence, managing customers is very important. Field Force Tracker is the best software for handling customer management for maintenance companies.

Customer relationship management databases are an extremely important part of running a business. They help keep track of your contacts, your leads, your customers, your former customers, and any and all other types of clients and potential clients that may contact your business.
CRM is a crucial part of any business, and most people use some form of CRM in their field service business. Whether it’s in an expensive database or written by hand, you likely have some type of CRM system or CRM software.
Imagine if you could replace it with something better

Maintaining Customer History

Imagine you can replace it with a system that was not only for customer relationship management, but also directly plugged into scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and more. A program with numerous features that make CRM easier, such as:
•    Easily search for customers by name, address, and even phone number.
•    Create custom views and reports of certain types of customers.
•    Store notes, communication history, and payment information securely.
•    Schedule job histories, store past jobs, and set up recurring jobs.
•    Set up custom fields with information like birthdays, home size, number of rooms and more.
Imagine the ability to track the status of customer activities, store multiple contacts for each customer, the ability to create multiple service locations and connect them to a single customer, and more. And you can do all that in a way that’s extremely user friendly, with drag and drop functionality.
You can do all of that with Field Force Tracker, the leading field service software that will change the way you do business.

Field Force Tracker – The Best CRM for your Service Company

What makes our CRM system so effective is that it’s not a separate program. It’s directly integrated with everything else you need to run your business. You don’t have to open and start multiple programs, you don’t have to re-enter data. Everything you need is in one place, ready to be accessed in seconds and connected to all of the other parts of your business.
If you run a service company, you know how valuable your time is, and you know how difficult it can be to handle all of the issues that relate to your company. Field Force Tracker makes all of the CRM tasks – and all of the tasks of your business – much, much easier. Find out how Field Force Tracker can benefit you. View our product demo or contact us today to find out more.

Analyzing Your Business With Field Force Tracker

If you’re already a Field Force Tracker customer and you’re looking to better understand what makes your business thrive as well as where you can make improvements, you should take a look at the reporting options available within Field Force Tracker.

Not only can you analyze your business data, you also have the ability to create custom reports within each category. Reports range from:

  • Customer List
  • Cost Analysis of Service Contracts
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Employee Hours Worked
  • Employee Payroll
  • Estimate Analysis
  • Job Analysis
  • Parts and Inventory Reports
  • Job Costing
  • Sales and Invoice Receivable Reports
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payment
  • Revenue
  • Tax
  • Transaction Log


In particular, the job costing report is a favorite amongst Field Force Tracker users. This report factors in the amount charged, any discount or cost of product associated with the service, as well as your tech’s commission and/or hourly pay—giving you an estimated gross profit

Josh and Jennifer from Elite Pro Home Cleaning find great value in their custom key log report. At the beginning of each day, they run their key log report along with a job ticket. This allows them to see which key goes to which job, as well as cleaning notes, the address and directions to the job site.

Contact us for more information about Field Force Tracker, or schedule a free demo today!

7 Steps to Improve Your Field Service Business With Field Force Tracker Software

 Field Service Operation is Getting Complex

Managing field service operation is becoming more complex as technology is changing.

Customer satisfaction dependent on quick and accurate service, effective time management is one of the most important goals of field service companies. From ensuring workers arrive to appointments on time to calculating the fastest routes, field service software can help industry professionals improve their time management and increase their efficiency. Here are seven ways software can serve was a solution for many businesses in aiding in their mobile workforce management.

1. Increase productivity
Designed for field service companies – including for the HVAC, electrical and plumbing industries –  this type of software helps quantify and follow all aspects of their business. By tracking the time employees and engineers spend on tasks or appointments during work hours, these companies can provide customers with a quick installation, repair, and other services.

2. Stay connected with employees
Field service software allows managers and engineers to stay connected with a mobile workforce to boost productivity wherever employees are – on the road, at appointments or in the office. By increasing worker productivity, the quality of the service promised to customers will also improve. Some software providers allow their system to be accessed as a mobile app, allowing workers to easily keep track of their time and schedules. Easy-to-read dashboards and reports generated by the software can promote even greater efficiency for workers.

3. Decrease customer wait time for appointments
Location-based tracking is also beneficial for customers. Using a GPS can cut down on wait time for appointments to improve customer satisfaction. Employers can monitor the average wait time for appointments, as well as if employees spent time away from the pre-determined traveling route.


4. Monitor the availability of a workforce
As part of its functions, field service software can help monitor when laborers are available to be scheduled for work in order to accommodate busy periods in the day or the slow season. Precise time tracking can lower the chance of work backing up throughout the day, which is hassle in an already hectic day.

5. Track resources
Software can also keep track of company resources and inventory, letting employers know when tools and systems are in the field or in-house, as well as when frequently-used supplies are running low. By having better control of worker schedules and availability, there is less time for employees, vehicles and equipment to spend idle.

6. Facilitate communication with customers
When working in the field service industry, one skill stands out in determining whether companies are successful in their services: communication. Assisting in the communication between customers and the company, field service software can notify managers of delays and let them prepare to properly react and adjust if needed. After sending an immediate alert, employees can contact consumers to inform them of any changes in schedule and give future updates to maintain customer satisfaction.

7. Automate the scheduling process
Field service software usually include features that allow companies to record and archive their payment processes and scheduling. This can include invoices billed to customers and timesheets to log hours worked or overtime. These sheets can be programmed to update automatically so there are no discrepancies in time recorded or inaccuracies that result in employees being under or overpaid.

Through field service software, the mobile workforce for a variety of industries can become more productive through become more efficient in how they spend their time. Not only can software contribute to the cost savings and effective stream of communication of a business, it can also help maintain customer satisfaction and provide for a better service.

About Field Force Tracker – Field Service Dispatch Software

Field Force Tracker ( is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps improving the productivity of their mobile workforces.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

Field Force Tracker is used for service management in a wide range of industries including HVAC, Property Management, Cleaning, IT services, Contractors, IT management, and Maintenance service firms.

Managing Customer Relationships with Field Service Software

Building long term relationship with your customers is very important. A good Customer Relationship management system like Field Force Tracker can help you achieve that.

A comprehensive Field Service Software like Field Force Tracker can help you achieve the most for your company and the customers.  The loss of revenue due to not keeping track of past customer communication can be fatal for any new business.

If you want a solid software for maintaining customer history,  we invite you to look at Field Force Tracker, perhaps the most comprehensive field service management software on the market today.

For more than 10 years, Field Force Tracker has been helping service businesses attract customers, schedule jobs, dispatch technicians, bill customers, and manage entire data systems, all in one place. Founded in 2006  in Princeton, New Jersey, Field Force Tracker has helped more than hundreds field service companies achieve success.

HVAC Field Service Software
Field Force Tracker Software

Your Complete Service Management Software

With Field Force Tracker, running your business on paper becomes a thing of the past. Field Force Tracker even replaces all of the different software programs you once used, becoming your single source for all of your management needs. Field Force Tracker does everything, including:

  • Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing
  • Sales Management – Estimates and Analysis
  • CRM
  • Marketing Campaign Management and More

Field Force Tracker is also customizable, so that it can meet the specific demands of your business. It has functions that are perfect for small businesses and startups, and hierarchy management options for companies that have more than one site location or franchises.

Web Based Software That Fits Your Needs

But what makes Field Force Tracker truly special is that it is web-based software. That means there is nothing to download, and you can access and work with Field Force Tracker anywhere in the world with an internet connection – from your office, to your couch, to anywhere in the world. It even comes with its own mobile system that can be used by technicians to map routes and complete open work orders.

Field Force Tracker replaces every piece of software you used in the past, including:

  • General Service Software
  • Scheduling Software
  • Small Business Software
  • Job Management Software
  • Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)
  • Marketing Management Software
  • Sales Forecasting and Estimate Software

It was also designed to fit any type of field service industry. We have customers in well over 60 different industries, including HVAC, maid services, pest control, carpet cleaning, computer repair services, and so much more.

Contact Field Force Tracker Today

If you’re interested in finding out more about Field Force Tracker or getting started with an online management software that has been used by thousands of other companies to get a competitive advantage, make sure you contact us today. In the meantime, feel free and view our introductory product tour, or browse the website for more information about the many features that are available and how they can help you drastically improve the way you manage your service business.

Proven Strategies for Field Service Mobility Success Using Field Force Tracker

Today’s customers require quick service, efficient response and courteous solution to their service needs. All field service companies are trying their best to serve the customers. However, it is not easy to run a service business if you don’t have a proper field service system like Field Force Tracker in place.

Streamlining Field Service Management

Field service often involves managing time, parts, assets, people, schedule, estimates and invoicing. Some jobs are recurring jobs and some are team jobs. Some time customers are requesting jobs that are different locations than them. These are very complex requirements. But, a good field service software like Field Force Tracker can easily manage them all.

If you want to be the best in the field, you need best tools. It is therefore very important to have the best quality field service management system in place for your organization. Without it, your business runs the risk of having unsatisfactory customers. Unmanaged, unsupervised, and untracked work orders could lead to confusion and loss of business reputation with customers. Right now is the time to start looking into mobile strategies and deploy field service technologies that can boost your service industry to maximize your organization’s opportunities for optimal revenue generation.

Here are 3 steps you can take towards optimizing the productivity of your field service organization:

  1. Field Service Mobile Application For Job and Client Visibility

A good, well designed modern field service mobility solution like Field Force Tracker can help in improving company communication. It can resolve many barriers in communication and communication systems. The leading mobility solutions include apps that can run on a variety of platforms, such as android, iOS, and Windows. Technicians and dispatchers should note that they need mobile scheduling apps that provides the information of clients and work orders on their finger tips. Mobile app should include both the front end and back office data support to manage various business processes. The mobile app can cut the time, improves efficiency and improve the customer satisfaction. Most importantly it can help you save cost.

  1. Mobile App Makes Field Service Information on Your Fingertips

Customized reporting and dashboards should be available to gain insight into your company’s capacity, utilization, customer information, and field service management metrics. Quality field service management systems should function on a stand-alone, centralized platform that provides full visibility to reporting and analytics. One important feature that should be included in your system for optimal service is high-speed KPI tracking.

Field Force Tracker Includes Powerful Dashboard

It’s easy to get lost in all of the information and details that need to be remembered. Quality service software has a variety of features that enable dispatchers to use an auto-routing system that finds the best route for technician to get to their assignments. Visual dispatch features like assigning jobs should also be available for dispatchers to assign tasks to technicians according to their location, availability, specific skills, and experience. The quick assignment feature is also good for allowing dispatchers to make adjustments when needed, and in sending out automated alerts to technicians and dispatchers when updates have been made to the system.

As technology advances, it is important for field service organizations to be aware of the latest software and computer system features that would benefit their business the most. While all of the above features could simply be completed by manual means or without the app, they are truly a means to speed up and improve a field service organization’s workflow and productivity. Moreover, with the exponential speed of technological advancement, many of these elements will soon become expected features in most field service and mobility management solutions.


Looking for more ways to boost your Field Service business?

Field Service Mobility – Benefitting with Field Force Tracker Mobile Solutions

Field Service a Mobile Applications

If your organization is providing any field service to the clients, you know that it has become very competitive to operate a business. You need to be more efficient to succeed. You need modern tools and software like Field Force Tracker to plan your service operations, assign jobs, keep track of your employees and manage your clients etc.

With mobile in every hand, service mobility has become easy to imagine. As we speak, companies are achieving a mobile and connected field service based operation because the technology building blocks are firmly in place. Even the small and medium businesses are able to embrace the inherent automation of a robust mobile solution. If right now is the best time for your company to embrace Mobile Field Service, then it is quite natural to ask yourself … what’s in it for me? How can your field service business can have more efficiency using modern tools like Field Force Tracker?

Mobility, enabled by the ubiquitous smartphones and tablets of Android and Apple, is real and easier than ever to use. The interface and workflows are intuitive and the steps to properly execute a Job, Work Order, Project or Service Ticket are all in place, and driven by commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications such as Field Force Tracker from Rapidsoft Systems Inc. Field Force Tracker is a custom designed system built to meet all kind of needs of the customers. It only include all the functionality that your teams will need – from work order, dispatch, estimation, invoicing and even or even a custom built job/ticketing system.

In the past companies were limited by the need to work offline. There were limits to the mobile device scanning capabilities and processing power. The mobile devices were clunky, slow and cost prohibitive. Smartphones and Tablets were limited in their available applications, and the required enterprise level security.

One by one, these limitations have dissolved making this the ideal time to embrace the power of mobilizing your Field and Depot/Warehouse workforce. Enabling them to communicate Field activities such as inventory receipts, transfers, returns, truck cycle counts and job completion in real-time. The value of this is becoming apparent to all of your cross-functional stakeholders: your Field Technicians/Engineers, Accounting/Finance, Warehouse/Depot personnel, Operations, IT and Executives. And each stakeholder is naturally asking themselves … what’s in it for me?

The Field Technician can now complete a job or “ticket” in one trip due to min/max replenishment to their trucks so they always have the inventory they need to complete their tasks – JIT. Mobile automation through an app on their smartphone or tablet eliminates hours of decoding their hand written notes from the day or working from memory, and firing up the laptop to begin their nightly or weekly data entry. Or alternatively, this mobility greatly reduces calls to customer service for repetitive data entry. Think of it as more efficient approach to Field Service. Did you find yourself outside of cellular or wifi range? No problem you can take the WithoutWire Field Service app into batch (offline) mode, continue your work and re-sync when you are back in range!

The Depot/Warehouse Manager has real-time visibility to the inventory wherever it exists within the 4 walls, other branches, in-transit, in trucks, trunks, storage lockers and job sites! JIT inventory now becomes a reality through powerful software tools connected to the ERP accounting system and the Job/ticketing system. The result is integrated, real-time enablement of quicker, more accurate business decisions.

Accounting has the ability to purchase supplies for JIT delivery to the Depots. Returns can be tied to jobs and reconciled quickly and accurately. Consumption of inventory against a particular job is scanned and tracked in real-time. Real-time information means same day invoicing and better use of your precious cash resources!

IT can now achieve enterprise level security with their field team’s use of smartphones and tablets. You can limit the available apps to your field techs and provide the necessary secure protection.


Real Time Field Service With Field Force Tracker

As an Operations leader you are no longer making decisions from old and inaccurate data. The real-time flow of information and visibility to the furthest of your inventories and job status’ mean your time is spent working on strategic decisions rather than crunching static spreadsheets with dated information.

Field Managers discover that one technician has the inventory that another technician needs; without your intervention, they can view GPS truck coordinates and direct a transfer (technician parts swap) in real-time. This minimizes shipping costs, extra labor and delays in closing field jobs.

And finally as an Executive leading a Field Service organization, you have the satisfaction of enabling an enterprise class organization at an optimal level of efficiency, communication and empowerment to meet the time, cost and quality expectations of the Customers that you serve! We all know that repeat business is less expensive to obtain than finding new customers. Field Service mobility has an attractive ROI based on labor savings, inventory reduction, elimination of re-work, data entry mistakes and it can drive world class time to cash cycles!

So you ask, what’s in it for me? I think it really comes down to teamwork, selecting the right scalable tools and applications to get the job done and cross-functional empowerment at all levels of your organization.

The Best Field Service Software

Field Force Tracker ( is a leading global provider of its award winning mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing and running complex service operations. It helps improving the productivity of their mobile workforces.

With Field Force Tracker customers can create service schedule and route quickly, dispatch sooner, collect accurate information immediately in the field and invoice faster. The field service software makes it easy for users to eliminate waste, get more done in less time and be more profitable.

Field Force Tracker is used for service management in a wide range of industries including HVAC, Property Management, Cleaning, IT services, Contractors, IT management, and Maintenance service firms.

The Best Way to Manage Field Service Operation